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Adding a Splash to Your Outdoor Living

Who We Are

We've built a solid reputation of creating high-end, customized outdoor living spaces throughout the region, and we pride ourselves on building a great relationship with our clients. And now, we're excited to bring the same focused, tried-and-true approach to pool design and installation!

Why Specialize in Pools?

Why did we create a new company focusing on pools?

We've been installing pools for years, and we know the industry well. We know it so well that we saw some things that we wanted to improve, noticed a few things that were missing, and most importantly, we saw where the Paladina approach to customer service was needed.

We're excited to present a new approach to custom pool design and installation — one that gets you the pool of your dreams but also includes the ongoing service and support that makes it your favorite investment for years to come!

What We Do

Providing Pool Installation & Servicing for Years to Come

Our custom pool design and installation services provide you with the pool solution you've always wanted, but it's our dedication to ongoing support and services that remove the work and worry of pool upkeep — leaving you to simply enjoy it!

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Pool Design & Installation

Bring a touch of the resort-feel home with a customized pool design and installation that fits your space — and your budget!

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Pool Services

From opening and closing your pool for the seasons to weekly cleanings, we'll handle the maintenance of your pool!

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Restoration & Renovation

Over time, aspects of your pool can become worn and outdated. Upgrade your existing pool with improved features!

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Slides & Waterfalls

Add a sense of adventure to your new pool with a slide – or a touch of relaxation with a waterfall or water feature!

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Our design build company is here to create the patio around your new pool and beyond! Add a covered area, outdoor kitchen or an array of other entertaining elements that bring your project together!

Pool Gallery

Where to start...

Considerations for choosing your new pool

Choosing the right pool can be overwhelming, but fortunately, we're here to assist you through the full process!

Start by assessing how you plan to use your pool:

Do you need a deep area for diving or do you want a shallow pool to allow for games like volleyball? Do you want to have social, hang-out areas like large steps or benches to relax on?


Will your family grow or shrink in the next few years? What are the ages of those that will be using the pool?

Consider your space and how the pool will fit into your lifestyle:

What features do you plan to have around the pool area? An Outdoor kitchen? Grill? Patio? What are the contours of your yard? Do you want to fit a rectangular pool or something that contours to your yard?

These are just a few things we tend to consider when helping our clients design their new pool area, but as we get to know you better, we can better assess your needs and guide you toward a solution that will work for you — and your space — for years to come!

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The Process:

From planning to enjoying your new pool
  1. Choose the shape of your pool and consider adding accessories: fire features, waterfalls, slides, etc.

  2. Consider your deck or patio materials and other entertainment features that will complete your new pool area. Plan for lighting features and fencing.

  3. Excavation begins! The materials arrive and are staged.

  4. The behind the scenes elements — plumbing and electrical — are installed.

  5. The interior work is completed — adding the base and filling the pool.

  6. The pool is up-and-running, and we teach you everything you need to know about operation and keeping your pool healthy!

  7. ENJOY!

Our Team.

From concept and design through installation, our team's combined expertise and experience provides our clients with a unique pool solution that they'll be sure to enjoy for years to come!


"Matt and his team were great. They installed our pool, patio, fire pit and fence in just under 3 weeks!!! I'd highly recommend calling Paladina Pools if you are looking for a prompt and professional experience."

David T.


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